Superfood Waffles

Superfood WafflesSuperfood Waffles? I know what you’re thinking, it sounds too good to be true! And I was skeptical too, I mean they look and smell like waffles but surely superfood waffles can’t possibly taste good right? WRONG!  Thanks to Kodiak Cakes this pre-prepared waffle & flapjack mix is not only packed full of superfood goodness, it tastes super good too! Made with freshly ground, non-GMO grains like quinoa, flax & chia seeds, this waffle mix is also free from preservatives, provides 20% of your daily value of fiber & 100% of your daily value of 8 B vitamins. In short, a great way to fuel your day and keep hunger locked up till lunch!

I’ve been talking about making Chicken and Waffles for quite some time now but having never experienced this southern breakfast staple I wasn’t exactly sure what I was missing out on. Sure I’d heard great things from foodie friends, but no one had quite prepared me for the life altering, taste explosion that this succulent, sweet & salty combo would deliver.

This phenomenal experience happened to take place on New Year’s day whilst having brunch at the newly opened 1500 South restaurant in Naples Bay Resort. I had no idea that the chef behind the restaurant is Art Smith, southern cuisine expert & chef to the stars! Smith has been a personal chef for celebrities like Oprah and has cooked for many heads of state including Obama and the King of Sweden! As soon as I looked up the menu for New Year’s Day brunch, my taste buds began tingling in anticipation. I mean just feast your eyes on this menu!


Of course the moment I saw “Chicken and Waffles” I knew I was in for a breakfast bonanza like no other. I don’t know how Chef Art gets those golden breadcrumbs so perfectly crispy and crunchy or that chicken so juicy and tender. All I can say is it was borderline orgasmic!

New Year's Day Brunch

Having an insatiable sweet-tooth as I do, I couldn’t resist stealing some of the caramelized banana and bourbon maple syrup (meant as an accompaniment for the french toast) and drizzling a generous spoonful all over my already honey-dipped chicken. Pure gold ecstasy.

Since then, I’ve been a little apprehensive about inducing myself into a similarly euphoric, yet catatonic state! So I’ve held off trying to recreate this exact gourmet experience and opted for a healthier, more macro-friendly alternative. Instead, I whipped up a Superfood Waffle courtesy of Kodiak Cakes & grilled chicken that I’d marinated in taco seasoning and drizzled with a splash of honey. For toppings I heaped a tablespoon of Betsy’s Best Gourmet Peanut Butter and sprinkled unsweetened coconut chips on top. It was heavenly! A fantastic healthy option for those who want to enjoy a dose of comfort food without consuming all their fats and carbohydrates before 10am. Give it a try! You and your family will be in seventh heaven with Kodiak Cakes as your breakfast staple.

Chicken & Waffles
Macro-friendly Chicken & Waffles


Kodiak Cakes Superfood Waffles with Greek Yogurt & Strawberries
Kodiak Cakes Superfood Waffles with Greek Yogurt & Strawberries


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